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Golive Pages

Discover the different types of Golive pages and how they are structured:

Global Home Page

All Golive data can be accessed and managed from the global “Golive Home” page.

Click on Apps > Golive in the Jira top menu to open Golive Home page:

By default the “Home Screen” is shown:

Choose "Environment Matrix" to open the following Environments View:

If you cannot see this page or part of the Environments:

Project Page

Open a Jira Project and select the "Golive" item:

If the Golive section does not appear in the menu, you can enable it from your Project Settings. Click here for more information

Open the "Environment Matrix" view of selected project:

Golive Pages view-based structure

Global or project Golive pages share the same View-Based layout:

  • Show Home Screen: go back to Home Screen

  • View Browser: used to switch to another view, create new views, search and browse existing views

  • View Saver: save, rename, delete, share, add to favorites or duplicate current view

  • Settings: central access to all administration and settings pages

  • View Area: displays current view

Environment Details Page

Environment information is available on the Environment Details Page. You are usually redirected to this page when you need to access all information of an environment mentioned in a notification (Slack, Team, emails,....), on an environment gadget or from any place outside of Golive.

You can copy the url of this page to bookmark or share it with other users:

Environment Panels can are customizable. Learn more here: Environment Panels

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