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Golive Views

Learn how to create, setup, share and manage different types of view that you can use in Golive:

Why Views?

Depending on your role and what you want to achieve, your teams may need to focus on different subsets of Golive data. This is the reason why built Golive Pages around a concept of customizable views.

On a fresh installation, Golive pages are set with Pre-defined views. You can customize these default views and share them with other jira users.

Create a View

You can create new views from the View Browser:

Or from Home Screen:

Choose the type of view you want to create selecting a View Template:

Follow instructions to setup and start using your new view.

Browse Views

Browse the listed views or use the search engine of the View Browser to find other views:

Click on "Manage Views" to browse and manage all views.

Save or Copy a View

Depending on the context, you can perform different operations on the current View using the View Saver (on the right of the View name).

When the Timeline has not been edited:

  • Favorite button (star icon): add/remove the Timeline from your favorite views

  • Save as button: create a new timeline with the current settings (always available if you have global permissions to create timelines)

  • Edit button (pencil icon): edit the Timeline name, favorite and sharing options

  • Delete button (trash icon): delete the Timeline

When the Timeline has been edited:

  • Save button: store all settings of the current timeline (only available if you have updated or if you have permission to change current timeline)

  • Save as button: create a new timeline with the current settings (always available if you have global permissions to create timelines)

  • Discard changes (undo icon): reload the last saved settings of the timeline (only available if you have changed settings and not saved them yet)

Manage your Favorite Views

Each user can add current view in his favorite views clicking the star icon of the View Saver:

Favorite Views are quickly accessible and can be managed (with drag and drop and using buttons) within the View Browser:

Share Views

As for Jira Issue Filters, Golive Views can be shared with other Jira Users. When saving or editing a view you have the option to share it with all Jira users:

In the Views Browser, shared Views show a SHARED label:

Global and Project Views

Golive is shipped with pre-set default views. You can customize the views that will be shown by default on your Golive Pages.

In order to customize the Global Views of the Golive Home Page, you must be Apwide Administrator:

In order to customize Project Views of a given project, you must be Jira Project Administrator:

Clicking on the cog will redirect you the Global Views or Project Views tab of Manage Views Page:

You can also add a view to your Project or Global views when saving or editing views:

You will be then automatically redirected to the Home Screen to re-order your Global/Project views if needed:

Manage Views Dialog

You can access a page to manage all your views from the View Browser:

You can browse the list of views using several tabs to filter your views and quickly find what you are looking for:

Pre-defined Views A set of views are pre-defined by Golive and cannot be edited. You can start from these views to build your own customized views.

Following types of view are available in Golive:

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