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Jira Project Settings

Tips to manage Golive settings of your Jira Projects:

Map Jira Projects with Golive Applications

Organizations dealing with large numbers of Applications and Environments, often dedicate different Jira Projects to different subsets of Applications.

Mapping Golive applications with Jira projects reduce the number of environments that will be visible in each Jira Project.

Jira Project Settings Page

Jira Project Administrators can access all relevant Golive project settings using the Golive Project Page, clicking the “Project Settings” link:

If Golive Project Page is hidden, you will have to access the Golive Project Settings page from the "Project Settings" section:

Now you can see the Golive Project Settings page:

Show / Hide Golive Project Page

You can enable/disable the Golive Project Page (useful if your Jira Project does not deal with Environments at all).

Show Home Screen

By default, the “Show Home Screen” option is enabled, meaning that the Home Screen will be opened by default when opening a Golive Page.
Disable this option if you do not want that the Home Screen is displayed when opening a Golive Page.

Show Environments Issue Panel

You can show/hide Environments Issue Panel per project or globally.

Map Applications to Project

Use the “All Applications” toggle to link all Golive Applications or only part of them to your Jira Project:

If you have not selected “All Applications”, select applications to map to current project.

Manage Project Setting Globally

This option is only available for Jira or Golive Administrators.

From any Golive Page, click on “Settings” from the Settings menu.

  • Open "Jira Projects" tab:

The “Show Project Page by default” toggle enables or disables the Golive Page for Jira Project that have never be configured and for newly created Jira Projects.

For each Jira Project:

  • enable/disable the Golive Page

  • show/hide Home Screen

  • enable/disable the Environments Issue Panel

  • change mapped Applications

Are you testing the Golive App on your Jira Production Environment? You may want to hide Golive pages for productive projects:

  • Disable the “Show Golive Page & Panel by default” toggle

  • Enable the Golive Page & Panel only for the Jira Project that will be used for your tests

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