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Last Deployed Issues

The Last Deployed Issues template provides a timeline that displays Jira issues recently deployed to your Environments within a specified time range. This allows you to track when and where linked Jira tickets have been deployed, enhancing visibility and traceability of deployments.

Here are three scenarios where this template is particularly useful:

  • Deployment Tracking: This template is ideal for teams needing to monitor the progress and completion of deployments across different Environments. It helps ensure that all issues are accounted for and deployed as planned.

  • Post-Deployment Review: After deployments, teams can use this template to review which issues were deployed, verify their status, and address any arising problems. This aids in rapid response to deployment-related issues and facilitates a post-mortem analysis.

  • Compliance and Auditing: For organizations that require tracking of changes for compliance reasons, this template provides a clear historical view of when and where each issue was deployed. This is useful for audit trails and ensuring compliance with internal or external regulations.


Template - Last Deployed Issues.png

Set up the Last Deployed Issues Template

To set up the Last Deployed Issues template, follow these steps:

  1. Open Golive.

  2. Within Golive, locate and click the View Browser.

  3. From the dropdown menu, select + Create View.

  4. In the options provided, select the Last Deployed Issues template.

  5. Give your new View a descriptive name for easy identification.

  6. Search for and add the Environments that you want to monitor using this View.

  7. Click Create to generate the View.

The newly created View based on the Last Deployed Issues template will be added to the View Browser.

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