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Data Center to Cloud Migration

  • Today you are using Golive on Jira Server or Jira Data Center

  • Are you planning to migrate to Jira Cloud?

Great news!

Golive, since version 9.12.X, is integrated with Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA), meaning that you are now completely autonomous to perform migration runs of Golive data.

How it works

During a JCMA migration, Golive will export data from your Jira Server / Data Center instance and re-import them into your Jira Cloud instance. Once data are imported, Golive and CMA tools will resolve Jira references such as user identifiers, project identifiers, issue type identifiers, etc… with their corresponding id in your cloud instance.

Some Jira identifiers may simply not exist in the destination Cloud instance (eg: they were part of a project not selected to be migrated). For this reason, we recommend reviewing the configuration of your various objects (timeline, calendar, view, etc.) and possibly completing the missing configurations.


  • Golive Server/Data Center must be installed and updated with the latest version available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

  • Golive Cloud must be installed on your target Jira Cloud instance.

  • Golive Cloud must be able to listen to events triggered by a server migration. This listener/webhook should be automatically enabled on your cloud instance.

In case a warning is raised during “pre-checks” evaluation of JCMA about “apps not registered to receive migration notifications”, it means the webhook is not enabled on your instance. You can can always enable it from Golive cloud on Migration page


  1. Make sure no there is no concurrent data modification on Golive Server/Data Center and Cloud by disabling any automation/pipeline/integration that could push data to Golive.

  2. Create and configure a JCMA configuration including Golive.

  3. Verify that all Golive checks are resolved.

  4. Run the migration and wait for Golive to be completed at 100% in JCMA Migration job details.

  5. Browse Golive Cloud data and complete mapping not resolved during migration procedure, such as unknown user identifiers, references to Jira entities not existing on your cloud instance, etc…

Golive migration procedure is not incremental.
On each migration, Golive's cloud existing data will be completely erased and replaced by imported data.

No rollback possible.

Migrated Data

Golive migration includes all data stored in your Golive server / data center instance with following exceptions:

  • As Jira Dashboards and Jira Gadget are not migrated automatically, you will need to recreate your Jira dashboards and to add Golive Gadgets manually

  • In case of error, you will have to review and manually fix JQL configuration (present on timeline quick filters, issue calendar source and filters)

  • You will have to update your Automation custom templates if they are using hard-coded data pointing to your old Jira Server/Data Center

If you encounter any errors, please Open a ticket.

You can repeat the migration as many times as you like, knowing that data in your Golive Cloud instance are completely deleted and recreated with each migration.

Main differences


Golive Server/DC

Golive Cloud

Environment Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields showing the status (color) and Environment details on click. Setup from the Jira Custom Field section. More information

Basic Custom Fields (standard Jira multi-select / single select). Setup from the Golive Global settings section. More information

Issue Panel

In the bottom right corner of the Jira issues, with no customization. Can be enabled/disabled by Jira Project. More information

Can be enabled/disabled by user with additional scope and display settings. More information

Timeline iCal Export

All Calendars can be synched with your Calendar App using an iCal link. More information

All Calendars can be synched with your Calendar App using an iCal link, except your Issue Calendars due to Jira Cloud limitations. More information

Gadgets in Confluence

Possible to embed Golive Gadgets in Confluence Server/DC More information

Not yet possible We are planning to deliver a new Confluence Cloud App

Integration with Xray Test Management

Possibility to show Xray Test Plans/Execution on the Golive Timeline. Golive-Xray free app in order to map Environments between Golive and Xray. More information

Possibility to show Xray Test Plans/Execution on the Golive Timeline. No Environment mapping between Golive and Xray. More information

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