Learn how link and view environments related to a Jira Issue:

Environment Custom Fields

Link or unlink environments to an issue:

Click environment labels to show details and configuration of an environment:

Users (with the appropriate Security & Permissions) can edit environment information, watch environment, deploy a new version,... from this dialog. It has exactly the same features as the Environment Details Page.

Environments are linked to issues using Environment Custom Fields

Environments Issue Panel

Access other environments that may be relevant in the context of current issue on the right:

The Environments issue panel helps you answer to questions like:

  • Where can I reproduce this bug?

  • Is version “ECOM 4.2” deployed on a working Environment?

This panel list environments of applications linked to current Issue. Applications linked to current issues are inferred by values of the following fields:

Example 1: if the “Detected In” custom field value contains Environments from the Payment Application, all Environments of the Payment Application will be listed.

Example 2: if “Affects Version/s” or “Fix Version/s” contain Jira versions mapped to Payment Application, all environments of Payment Application will be listed. Learn more about Version Mapping.