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Golive Pages

In this article, you’ll find detailed descriptions of various Golive pages and their structures.

Golive Home Page

The Golive Home Page offers a comprehensive view, allowing you to effortlessly access and manage all your data. To access the Home Page, click Golive , located in the Jira top menu, and select Golive Home.


There are two ways to display your Home Page Views:

  • From the Home Screen. If your Project Setting Show Home Screen by default is enabled, you’ll land directly in the Home Page. If not, click the Home icon, represented by a house.

  • From the View Browser, accessible by clicking on the title of the displayed view.

Home Page Views

By default, the Golive Home Page provides the following views for your Environments:


If you can't see this page, ensure that:



Environment Dashboard

The most compact view that allows you to instantly check the current statuses and deployments of your environments.

Environment List

Browse, sort, and search your environments in a classical and customizable table layout. Export data effortlessly to .csv, .json, or .xlsx files for convenient analysis.

Environment Browser

Quickly jump from an environment to another to acess all is details and change history.

Last Deployments

Timeline of all recent deployments performed to your environments. Manage and clean the deployment history with drag and drop.

Last Status Changes

Navigate through time to recall when your environments experienced changes such as going down, coming up, or slowing down. Valuable for Release Post-Implementation Reviews (PIR).

Last Deployed Issues

Timeline of all recent Jira issues deployed to your environments. View when and where linked Jira tickets have been deployed.

If the views described above are't available within your Golive Home Page, they may have been renamed, updated or removed. You can always create new ones using our template library and assign them to the Home Page Views.

Golive Project Pages

Golive Project Pages offer Project-specific information within your Jira Projects.

Setup Golive for your Project

When initiating Golive in a Jira Project, you’ll encounter the Setup Golive for your project, which will guide you through the onboarding process.


This onboarding page provides the following options:

  • Map all applications: Activate the toggle button to automatically map all applications to your newly created Jira Project.

  • Manual selection: Search for and choose specific applications you want to map to your project.

  • Add views: Define shared views for your project by selecting them from the drop-down menu. By default, the shared views described above are located in the Home Page Views section. They are set up to utilize the Current Project filter criterion, meaning they will filter the views to display only applications that are linked to the Jira Project you're currently working on.

To access this page, you must have permissions as either a Jira Project Administrator or a Golive Administrator.

Project Page

To access a Project Page, open a Jira Project, select Golive from the left menu and select an Environment view.

If the Golive icon isn’t visibile in the left menu, enable it from your Project Settings. For detailed information, refer to the Project Settings article.

Golive Pages View-Based structure

Golive Pages feature a View-Based structure, ensuring a consistent layout and navigation experience across both the Home Page and Project Pages. Below is a detailed overview of the key elements comprising this structure:



Home Page

Click this icon to return to the Home Page. It’s represented by by a house icon located at the upper left corner of the page.

View Browser

Situated next to the Home Page icon is the View Brower search bar. Use it to switch between views, create new views, and search and browse existing views.

Environment Filters

Contains filter criteria enabling you to refine your views. It’s represented by a funnel icon.


Initiates a page refresh. It’s represented by two circling arrows located next to fhe funnel icon.


Use this to save the view as a favorite. It’s represented by a star icon.

View Saver

Located next to the star icon. Use the Save as button to rename, delete, share, add to favorites or duplicate current view.


Provides central access to all administration and settings pages. It’s represented by a gear icon.

View Area

Displays the current view information.

Environment Details Page

The Environment Details Page offers information about a specific environment. Users commonly access this page through notifications (such as Slack, Teams, or emails) or via external environment gadgets integrated with Golive's platform.

Within this page, users encounter several sections:



Deployed Application

This section provides details such as Version ID, associated Issues, deployment date and time, and the responsible user.

Environment Attributes

Users can access information like the URL, Operating System (OS) details, Location, and Owner of the environment.

Enviroment Panels

This section you’ll encounter tabs providing access to the Deployment Logs, Status Logs, Last deployments, and the Booking requests panels. To learn how to customize Environment panels, refer to the Environment panels article.

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