Environment Panels are displayed on the Environment Dialog and the Environment Detail Page.

You can update your Environment Panels using the “Manage Environment Panels” option:

Add Panel

Click on the + button to add a new Panel:

And select the type of panel you would like to add:

If you choose to display a Timeline, you can select an existing Timeline or create a new one:

Timeline information can always be found using the “Linked Timeline” button:

Reorder and Delete Panels

From the tabs navigation bar, you can reorder and delete panels:

Clicking on a tab, you can rename it:

Timeline Update

If you have the permissions to update a Timeline, you can update it directly from the panel.
Save or discard the changes made to the Timeline using the buttons next to the updated tab:

Your changes will apply to the linked Timeline and not only to the panel

Define multiple Panel Schemes

By default, the “Default Panels” Scheme is applied to all Environments. If you would like different panels to be displayed for different Environments groups, you can defined additional Panel Schemes:

The default Panel Scheme will be applied automatically to your newly created Environments:

And you can select the Panel Scheme you would like for each Environment using this option: