Use Golive Environments in Xray

Xray Test Management for Jira introduced the concept of Test Environment since version 2.0.0 of their Jira App. Thanks to the Golive-Xray Integration Jira App, you can link Xray Environment labels to your Golive Environments.

You can also visualize and edit your Xray Test Execution and Xray Test Plans using a Golive Timeline!

Installation Video Tutorial

How does it work?


Integration is based on naming conventions: when a Test Environment defined in Xray has the same name as an existing Environment in Golive (spaces in Golive name must be replaced by "_" in Xray name), it will be automatically enriched with all information available in Golive:

You are also able to change start and end dates of Xray test executions/plans visually, simply by dragging issues on a Golive Timeline: