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Xray Test Management

Use Golive Environments in Xray

Xray Test Management for Jira introduced the concept of Test Environment since version 2.0.0 of their Jira App. Thanks to the Xray Connector for Golive Jira App, you can link Xray Environment labels to your Golive Environments.

You can also visualize and edit your Xray Test Execution and Xray Test Plans using a Golive Timeline!

Installation Video Tutorial

How does it work?


Integration is based on naming conventions: when a Test Environment defined in Xray has the same name as an existing Environment in Golive (spaces in Golive name must be replaced by "_" in Xray name), it will be automatically enriched with all information available in Golive:

You are also able to change start and end dates of Xray test executions/plans visually, simply by dragging issues on a Golive Timeline:

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