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Create your first Environment

Start using Golive by creating your first environment in a Jira Project

Choose a Jira Project

We recommend you to choose a first Jira Project to familiarize yourself with Golive. It is a good idea to choose a Jira Project that is already used to manage bugs, stories,… of applications for which you want to manage environments in Golive.

Open the Golive Project Page

Open the chosen Jira Project in order to access the Golive Project Page from the left sidebar:

If you don’t see Golive in the sidebar, enable it in Project Settings/Golive menu

The default Environment View is showing all Environments associated to your Jira project (a filter on your current Jira Project is applied by default). If your Jira project has not been setup yet, your should see an empty list or matrix.

Create your first Environment

STEP 1 Open the Environment Creation Wizard

In order to add an environment to your Jira Project, click on the “Add Environment” button:

STEP 2 Choose a Category

Select a Category or create a new one:

STEP 3 Choose an Application

Select an Application or create a new one.

Each Environment is linked to a single Application that can also be a tier / module / component. The granularity should be at the level where you want to track the deployed versions.

You may think “but I have several Applications running in the same Environment”. There is nothing to worry about, you can safely create one Golive Environment per Application. Grouping is done using the Environment Category and/or additional Attributes you can define at a later stage.

Learn more here: Organizing your Environments & Applications

If you create a new Application, you need to select the Jira Project where the deployed versions will be taken from. If you are not using Jira Versions, you can select “None”.

STEP 4 Set the Deployed Version

To set the current deployed version:

  • choose an existing Jira Version (if your application is mapped to a Jira Project with Jira Versions)

  • choose “None” option (first option in the list)

  • create a new version (last option in the list)

STEP 4 Create your Environment

Check that all is correct and click on “Create” button:

STEP 5 Check and update the created Environment

Your newly created environment will show in order to set its additional information like Status, url, attributes,… or just change its name:

STEP 6 The created Environment is visible in the Project Views

Project Matrix View

Project List View

Add other Applications & Environments to your Jira Project

In order to add existing Applications and Environments to your Jira Project, just open the “Project Settings” page:

You can then add map other applications to your project:

All environments of mapped Applications will be mapped to current Jira Project.

More information about how to setup your Jira Projects: Jira Project Settings


You have setup your first Jira Project and created your first environment in Golive!

You should now learn more about how to organize and properly structure your Environments & Applications inventory: Working with Environments

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