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Monitoring & Observability

Unlock the full potential of your system's monitoring and observability by integrating Golive with your existing tools. Whether you are currently using a monitoring solution or are looking to start, we provide several options to suit your needs:

Using Datadog, Dynatrace, or New Relic?

If you are already monitoring your environments with one of these platforms, refer to the specific documentation for detailed guidance on integrating these tools with Golive:

Using a different monitoring tool?

If your current monitoring solution is not listed above, you can integrate it using its webhook functionality:

  • Locate the Webhook Feature: Find the webhook option in your monitoring tool.

  • Configure the Webhook: Set up a webhook to send notifications to our REST API at POST /status-change

  • Authentication: Secure your calls using either a Golive Cloud token or a Golive DC basic auth token.

Our integration experts can help you: Request Integration Assistance

Not monitoring your environments yet?

For those new to monitoring or looking for a straightforward solution, Golive Monitor offers a robust, open-source option to keep track of your test environments. It is available for free and supports deployment as either a bash script or a Docker image.

Refer to the Golive Monitor Documentation

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