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Jira Automation

Select an Environment in your Change Requests

You can use Jira Automation to update Golive Environment Custom Fields.

Here is the configuration in Automation for Jira:

  • WHEN the drop-down custom field "Promotion Path" is changed

  • IF the value of the "Promotion Path" is "Production Fix"

  • THEN the "Environment(s)" custom field is updated with the Environments "eCommerce Integration 1" (option id=5) and "eCommerce Staging" (option id=6)

Option id are different from Environment id!
Learn how to retrieve the Option ids you can use to set your environment custom fields: Environment Custom Field Rest API

    "fields": {
        "Environment(s)": ["5", "6"]

Other examples


If you need help with your Golive-Automation for Jira integration, feel free to contact us.

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