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Versions Calendar

Use Cases

Use Version Calendars to browse and schedule Jira Versions on your Timelines:

Setup a Version Calendar

Versions Calendars have no specific options. Adding them to your Timeline will enable the display of versions defined in your Jira projects.

In order for your Jira Project versions to appear on the Timeline:

  • A Version Calendar should be added to your Timeline and should be visible

  • Versions defined in your Jira Project Release section should have a Start date or a Release date.

In order to view Jira Versions grouped by Environments:

  • Your Timeline should display Environment Swimlanes

  • Your Environment Swimlanes should be grouped by Applications

  • Your Jira Project should be linked to Golive Applications. This can be done from the Project Settings

Refer to the page Timeline Core Concepts if you are not familiar with basic concepts and features of Calendars.

Reschedule a Version

  • Select and drag start/end of a displayed version to change its start/release date

  • Select and click on the Event and move it. Note: clicking on the version title opens the Release Version Page in a new tab

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