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Environment Swimlanes

For general information about Swimlanes: Working with Swimlanes
Information below is specific to Environment Swimlanes.


Events are horizontally grouped by Environment:

Filter & Sort Environment Swimlanes

You may want to filter the list of displayed Environment Swimlanes to keep the focus on relevant ones.

Refer to Search Environments documentation to create advanced Environments Filters

Grouped & Nested Swimlanes

You can group Environment Swimlanes by Category or Application to create nested swimlanes:

Example of Environment Swimlanes grouped by Application:

Customize Swimlanes Display

You can change the way swimlane labels are rendered on the timeline:

  • Display current deployed version in Swimlane Labels

  • Color Swimlane Labels with color of current environment status

  • Display Swimlane Labels vertically to get more horizontal space to display events

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