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Rest API


External applications can access Golive data and trigger executions of actions in Golive through its Rest API.

"External applications" can be anything: an orchestrator (like Jenkins or Bamboo), a monitoring tool (like Dynatrace or New Relic), a deployment tool (like XL Deploy or Spinnaker) or any other application that is able to use a Rest API.

All operations performed manually from the Golive User Interface (in Jira) can be automated using the Rest API.

Webhooks enables Golive to send web requests to external systems. Combining Rest API with Webhooks enables powerful bi-directional integrations!

Watch the videos

How to browse the Rest API

Use the Rest API to Replicate or Export your Environments

Use the REST API browser

In order to help you explore and use our Rest API, we have embedded a Swagger UI browser into our Jira app. From a Golive Pages, open Integration Hub:

Select HTTP or HTTPS scheme to match your Jira instance. You can then explore and try the Rest API. For instance, if we would like to add a new Environment, we can click on the "Environment" section, on the "POST /environment" section and then on the "Try it out" button:

Each time there is a example to help writing the query. Once ready, the query can be executed using the Execute button.

After the execution, the code and the response are displayed

You can copy-paste and adjust this payload in order to call the Golive Rest API from other tools.

Generate a Basic Authorization Header

You can use Basic authentication in order to connect to Golive Rest API. The Basic Auth requires utilization of a user / password that will be used to generate an encoded token passed as header to your http requests.

Golive REST api use the same authentification engine as Jira:

Here is a good tutorial explaining how it works and how you can easily generate basic authentication tokens:

Swagger.json File

You can download a swagger.json file (from the REST API browser) to generate server stubs or client SDKs in various languages:


Using a tool like Postman (free version), you can easily use and test the Golive Rest API.

For instance, if you have hundreds of Environments in an Excel file and would like to load them in Golive, you can do it automatically with our Rest API and Postman, instead of adding them one by one from the user interface.

Here is an example of Data Import with Golive Cloud (it works similarly for Golive Server/DC)

And if you need assistance, raise a ticket.

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