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Released on May 3rd, 2023 | Golive Marketplace Listing | Version History

New Features

Environment Dependencies

  • Define dependencies between your applications to link environments to each other.

  • View and manage all outgoing and incoming dependencies in the environment details panel.

  • Browse and filter dependent environments in environment list and matrix views.

  • Use the REST API to import and keep your dependencies up to date.

Learn more here: Environment Dependencies

Multi-tier Environments

  • The must-have feature to deal with environments composed of multiple components having their own statuses and deployment lifecycles!

  • You can now create Tiers that are sub-environments of a parent environment (equivalent to the issue ↔︎ subtasks relationship in Jira).

  • Get rid of trade-offs and convert your existing multi tiers, multi tenants, multi markets,… applications into multi tiers applications.

Learn more here: Multi-tier Environments

Sync Jira Releases and track deployment of Jira Issues

  • Enable bi-directional synchronization of Jira Versions and their “fixed in” issues:

    • New issues added to a Golive deployment are automatically added to its linked Jira version

    • When deploying a Jira version, its “Done” issues are automatically proposed to be added to the new deployment

  • Use Golive UI, REST API, Jenkins shared lib or Jira automations to track deployments of Jira tickets.

  • For Jira Software Cloud users: Golive deployments are now automatically pushed to Jira Software Deployments!

Learn more here: Manage Deployments

Fixed Bugs & Improvements

  • Simplify the creation of new environment custom fields (Cloud)

  • Re-organize application settings into tabs

  • Add titles to search criteria to describe their effect

  • The Environment Search filter is back on Last Deployments / Last Status views

  • Deployment wrongly set when creating a deployment with drag and drop in a timeline

  • Loading arrows are rotating when environments are loading

  • Should not allow search on secured attributes

  • Lozenges in environment filters are now vertically centered


Manage Dependencies and Tiers of your Environments

Easily manage and browse dependencies and tiers of an environment:

Browse and search for dependent environments

Filter, sort and view dependencies in your environment list views:

Deployed Jira Issues

Add Jira issues to a new deployment:

View deployed issues in environment deployment logs:

Learn more here: Manage Deployments

Jira Software Cloud Deployments Integration

View Golive deployments in Development panels of an Issue:

View Golive deployments in the Jira Deployments timeline:

Learn more here: Jira Software Cloud Deployments

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