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Manage Deployments

What is a Deployment?

The deployment specify the version of an application that is currently deployed to an environment.

A deployment is composed of:

  • a Deployed Version / build number that can be linked to an existing Jira Version

  • a set of deployed Jira Issues

  • a set of Deployment Attributes (ex: Release Notes, Artifact url,…)

Why should you track your application deployments?

Start with reading this article if you are not familiar with what Deployment Tracking is: Track Application Deployments

Manage Deployments

To work with deployments, start by opening the Environment Details of an environment for which you have the “Manage Deployments” permission.

Learn how to manage permissions here: Security & Permissions

Create a new Deployment

First deployment to an environment

To create the first deployment to an environment, click on “Add deployment” top button:

The new deployment dialog will open:

The content and the behavior of the deployment dialogs may be vary depending on the deployment settings done at application level.

Create new deployment from current deployment

You can add a new deployment on top of an existing one by clicking the “plus” button on top right of current deployment:

Edit the current deployment

Click on fields to update to change information of current deployment:

Delete current deployment

If you have permission to manage deployments, you can delete the current deployment from here:

View past deployments

Edit / Delete past deployments

If you have permission to manage deployments, you can delete the past deployments from here:

Use the REST API

When possible, it is much better to automate deployment tracking by adapting your existing deployment scripts/pipelines (instead of using the UI):

Change deployment settings from Environment Details

If you have permissions to manage applications, you can access the application deployment settings directly from here:

Deployment Logs Environment Panel

You can browse/manager the full history of your past deployments, including the deployed issues, from the deployment logs environment panel:

Learn more about how to configure Environment Panels here: Environment Panels

Last Deployments Timeline View

You can use the Last Deployments view to browse last deployments on a timeline:

Environment Details Page

You can view and browse performed deployments on a timeline at the bottom of the Environment Details Page or the Browse Environments View:

Golive Cloud is now natively integrated with the Jira Software Cloud Deployment API:

Enable the “Deployments” feature in project settings

This allows Golive to act as a deployment provider for all Jira projects having enabled the “Deployment” feature:

View Golive deployments in Jira Deployments

Golive deployments are now visible in Jira deployments of deployed issues of this project:

Golive deployments are also visible in the Jira Project Deployments Timeline:

Map Jira Environment Types with Golive Categories

Open the “Environment Categories” page in Golive and set the right “Type” for each category:

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