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Environment Dependencies

Learn how you can manage dependencies between your applications and environments in Golive.

What are Environment Dependencies?

Environment dependencies refer to the external environments that are required for another environment to run properly.

Why it is important?

Managing environment dependencies is important in software delivery because any issues with these dependencies can cause the application to malfunction or fail.

Before running tests, QA teams should always ensure that all the necessary dependencies are available. Efficiently managing test environment dependencies will reduce the overall testing time.

Managing dependencies also improve collaboration and coordination: team members are more aware of impacts that a task performed on an environment may have on other dependent environments used by other teams.

Add dependencies to current Environment

STEP 1 Open Application Settings

In order to enable to add dependencies to current environment, you must first setup your application by clicking the “Application Settings” button:

You must have “Manage Applications” permission in order to modify the application settings.
Learn more about permission here: Security & Permissions

STEP 2 Setup Dependencies in the Application Settings

Click on “Dependencies” tab and setup the dependencies of current application:

More about other application settings here : Manage Applications

STEP 3 Add first dependency of current Environment

Click on “Add dependency” button and add your first dependency:

STEP 4 Manage existing dependencies and add new ones

Once you have at least 1 dependency defined, you can manage all your dependencies in the “Depends on” section:

Dependencies in Environment Views

You can filter the list of environments by dependency types and adding new columns to your environment lists:

Learn more about how to setup advanced environment filters here: Search Environments

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