Product Backlog

In order to better track Environment Dependencies, we are planning 3 new features:

  • A new type of Environment attribute to link Environments between them

  • A new "Spider Map" view showing Environment Dependencies, based on those attributes

  • An audit trail on Environment attributes, so that we can see the change history

If you are interested in such features, please open a feature request. It will help us prioritize our backlog, keep track of your needs and update you when we will start working on it.

You can use an Environment Attribute in order to track Environment Dependencies:

“Dependencies” Environment Attribute to track dependencies

In the example above, we are using HTML in order to display hyperlinks and bold text:

This solution is not ideal if you are editing your attributes manually, as you will have to update your source and target Environment each time you change a dependency. So if you have this information already available in another system (CMDB for instance), you can update your “Dependencies” attributes automatically using our Rest API.