Learn how to search and filter environments by application, category, status, attributes,…

Environment Filters

You can filter the Environments displayed on your Environments Views using the top search bar:

Pre-defined Types of Filter

In order to filter the list, you can click on the search field and select elements from the drop-down list:

  • Application (APP): based on your list of applications

  • Category (CAT): based on your list of categories

  • Project (PROJECT): based on your list of Jira projects (and the Applications linked to them)

  • Status (STATUS): based on your list of statuses

  • Permission Schemes (PERM): based on the permission schemes defined in your configuration (Every Environment is linked to a Permission Scheme)

Start typing characters in the search field will filter the list of options

Find Environments by IDs


Quickly filter Environments by a IDs by typing “id=<numerical ID>” in the search bar:

Filter by Attribute

You can also filter your environments using their attributes values. For instance, all Environments with the "CPU" attribute containing the "AMD" chain of characters:

You can also use the star character * to get all Environment that have an attribute defined. For instance, all Environments with the "Database" attribute defined:

Free Text Filters

You can also type free text to filter Environments that contains the chain of characters in their:

  • Name

  • Application

  • Category

  • Status

  • Attributes values

  • Deployed version