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Search Environments

Learn how to search and filter environments by application, category, status, attributes, dependencies, tiers,…

Environment Filters

You can filter the Environments displayed on your Environments Views using the top search bar:

Filter Criteria

In order to filter the list, you can click on the search field and select criteria from the drop-down list:

  • Application (APP): Filter environment by selected applications.

  • Category (CAT): Filter environment by selected categories.

  • Project (PROJECT): Filter environments of applications mapped to selected Jira projects.

  • Current Project (PROJECT Current): Filter the Environments currently linked to the Jira Project.

The Current Project filter is exclusively available when using Golive directly within a Jira Project.

  • Status (STATUS): filter environments by selected statuses.

  • Permission Scheme (PERM): filter environments by selected permissions schemes.

  • Panel Scheme (PANEL): filter environments by selected panel schemes.

  • Dependency (DEP) : filter environments having selected types of dependencies.

  • Relationship (REL) : filter environments having selected types of parent/tier relationships.

Start typing characters in the search field will filter the list of options.
If you add several options, it is equivalent to the AND operator.

“With Tiers” option SINCE VERSION 9.10.X+

If you use Environment Tiers, an additional option will be displayed below your usual environment search bar:

By default “with tiers” is not selected, meaning that “Tier” environments are not returned by the search.

When enabling this options:

  • the “Tier” environments will be returned by the search

  • this new type of “Tier” filter will be available to filter environments by Tier Application:

Find Environments by IDs


Quickly filter Environments by a IDs by typing “id=<numerical ID>” in the search bar:

Filter by Attribute

You can also filter your Environments using their attributes values. For instance, all Environments with the Backup Policy attribute containing the Daily Frequency chain of characters:

You can also use the star character * to search for all Environment that have an attribute defined. For instance, all Environments with the Database attribute defined:

To filter for environments that don't possess the specified attribute defined, use !. For example, to find environments without a specified Owner, use the filter Owner=!.


When filtering several times with the same attribute, it is equivalent to an OR operator.
The query below will return all Environments where the “Group” attribute contains “Group A” or “Group B”.

Free Text Filters

You can also type free text to filter Environments that contains the chain of characters in their:

  • Name

  • Application

  • Category

  • Status

  • Attributes values

  • Deployed version

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