Learn how link and view environments related to a Jira Issue:

Environment Custom Fields

Link or unlink environments to an issue:

Learn how to configure and add Environment Custom Fields to your Jira Issues here

Environments Issue Panel

Click on the “Golive Environments” button (or icon) to open the Environments Issue Panel:

The Environment panel helps you answer to questions like:

  • Where can I reproduce this bug?

  • Is version “ECOM 4.2” deployed on a working Environment?

Environment Details

Click Environment labels to browse and update Environment details:

The type of action that a user can perform on an environment depends on his permissions

Customize Environments Issue Panel

The Environments issue panel can be configured using the Settings button, displayed only on mouse over:

You can show Environments of the current Project and the matrix displayed will be similar to the one of your Golive Project Page, based on the Jira Projects Mapping.

You can also show the Environments of the current Issue, and the matrix displayed will be restricted based on the following issue fields:

Environments can be grouped by Application or Categorie:

And you can switch between Deployed Versions or Statuses: