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Version 9.9 released on March 3rd, 2023 | Golive Marketplace Listing | Version History


  • New Integration Hub
    Discover the new revamped Integration Hub and unlock your creativity by integrating Golive with your favorite apps such as communication tools, CI, monitoring or more.

  • New Option to automatically create Jira Versions from Deployments
    Configure your applications to create a new Jira version each time your deployment refers one not already existing in your Jira instance.

  • New ID Environment Search Criterion
    A new convenient environment search criteria named id has been added to retrieve more easily one specific environment in your views (matrix, list, timeline…)
    Learn more on searching capabilities

Fixed Bugs

  • Environment: attribute wrongly re-ordered on attribute update.

  • Environment: not able to delete attribute value from an environment.

  • Home Page: undesired blank home screen.

  • Timeline-Xray: fixed support of environment timeline criteria for Xray Environment Custom Field.

  • Timeline: environment criteria not available.

  • Timeline: deployment detail screen should appear on top of the environment modal.

  • Timeline & Gadget: lozenge not always correctly displayed.

  • Rest API: some status endpoints not appearing in the right section.

  • Environment List: remove “None” as default empty value for attributes

  • Environment Status: removed blinking effect on change

  • Version: versions links now point to version release page

  • Permissions: Default permissions aligned on your Jira instance groups


New Integration Hub

Have a look to our new re-vamped Integration Hub page and look for ideas on how to integration Golive with your infrastructure:

Learn more about integration possibilities

New Option to maintain automatically Jira Version from Deployments

If you configure your version mapping between your Golive applications and Jira to be linked to a specific project, you can now enable the automatic Jira version creation when a new deployment happens.

Enable the new option, try to create a new deployment for an application’s environment and select a version which doesn’t exist, such as:

On operation complete, check you project releases, you should find a new version just created by Golive:

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