Why Environment Categories?

Environments are composed by an Application (ex: eCommerce, ERP, Payment Service, etc.) and a Category (ex: Dev, Integration, Staging, PreProd, etc.). Category is an essential and mandatory property to help users identify an environment everywhere in Golive.

Environment Category may also be referred as the Stage of an Environment.

Environment Categories Page

Access the Environment Categories page from the Settings menu of the Environments Views:

You need to have Manage Categories global permission in order to perform operations on categories. Learn more about Security & Permissions

It will open the Environment Categories list page:

Create an Environment Category

Click on Add Category button on the top right corner and choose a unique name for your new category.

Create as many categories as needed for your various applications. It does not matter if all categories are not used by all your applications.

Edit or Delete an Environment Category

Click the name of the category you want to rename and click on “trash” icon to delete a category:

Re-Order Environment Categories

Logical order of Environment Categories is important to improve the Environment lists readability. The order is used in all lists sorted by category.

Typical example of logically ordered sequence of categories: Dev → Integration → Pre-Production → Production

You can change the logical order of categories using drag and drop: