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Manage Automations

Golive Automation can trigger execution of actions when something happens to environments or to Jira tickets linked to environments.

You must be a Golive Administrator to manage Automations. For more information, refer to Security & Permissions.

Automations Page

All Automations are managed on Automations Page. You can access it from any Golive Page:

The main Automations screen lists existing automations:

From here, you can:

  • enable/disable an Automation using the Active toggle

  • click on the Name of an Automation to show its details

  • click on the Executions status to open the Automation execution logs

Create an Automation

Click “Add Automation” button on the top right corner and choose the type of action that you want to perform:

Configure the Trigger

Choose what kind of event should trigger the action:

Configure the Action

The setup of the action to execute depends on the type of Automation selected:

Execution Logs

You can access the logs of latest executions of your automation from the automations home page:

Or from a given automation:

Executions Details

In order to help you to debugging your automations, you can access the detailed logs of latest executed actions:

Click on the Payload icons to open details of Error, Request and Response:

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