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Version released on September 26th, 2023 | Golive Marketplace Listing | Version History

New Features

Improved Issue Panels

Get information about Environments and Deployments in your Jira issues:

☁️ Cloud icon appears when the Jira issue has been deployed in the environment
💥 Click on the icon to see the full list of deployments linked to the Jira issue!

Smart Tooltips Everywhere

And we did not stop there... Moving the cursor over any environment chip will display a tooltip with more information about the environment.

Two New Jenkins Pipeline Steps

Discover the new Jenkins Shared Lib Steps designed to enhance your pipelines!

apwSendReleaseInfo sends release information to Jira and adds issues reference in change logs to the current release:

apwSendReleaseInfo projectIdOrKey: 'ECP',
  released: true

apwSendDeploymentInfo step now supports deployedIssuesJql parameter, which uses a JQL query as the source of issues to be linked to a deployment

apwSendDeploymentInfo environmentId:'123',
  version:'ECOM 1.2.45',
  attributes: [
     'initiator': 'Marvin',
     'trigger': 'Commit'
  deployedIssuesJql: "fixVersion='ECOM 1.2.45' and statusCategory = Done"

See documentation for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue Persistence: Previous issue selection no longer persists when selecting "NONE" for version.

  • Secured Attributes: Secured attributes are now hidden for users with "Browse Environment" permission.

  • Edit Permissions: Users with "Edit secured attributes" permission can now add/edit secured attributes.

  • Deployed Issues: Users with "Update Deployed Version" permission can access and edit deployed issues.

  • Attribute Button: The "Add attribute" button is hidden for users without "Edit Environment" permission.

  • Golive Permissions: Users without Golive permission no longer encounter errors on Golive project pages.

  • Calendar Display: The calendar now displays correctly in the Environment Panel.

  • Timeline Error: Timeline errors when moving issues without changing the Environment Field have been fixed.

  • Custom Field Order: Environments are displayed in the same order in the editor as in view mode.

  • Deployment Popup: The deployment popup now opens with focus at the top of the panel.

  • Category Change: Users can change the category of an environment.

  • Deleted Environment Handling: Deleted environments are correctly removed from the details view.

  • Environment View Filter: The environment view filter is now visible upon page load.

  • Mandatory Deployed Version: The mandatory deployed version field is now checked during new deployments.

  • Favorites Message: The "Added to favorites" message now appears only when adding a view for the first time.

  • Readonly Permission: Readonly permission is now consistently applied.

  • Matrix Environment Padding: Padding between environments in the matrix is now consistent.

  • Lozenge Size: Lozenge size adapts to font size in the timeline (gadgets + timeline view).

  • Environment Attribute Limit: Adding the 9th environment attribute now works smoothly.

We appreciate your feedback, and these updates aim to enhance your workflow. Thank you for your continued support.

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