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Quick Guide for Admin

Best practices & tips for Jira Administrators

You need to be Jira Administrators or Apwide Administrator in order to perform following steps

Enabling Golive on specific Jira Projects

If you want to start using Golive on specific projects without impacting other ones, we recommend to hide Golive Project Page and the Environment Issue Panel by default and to make them visible only in specific Jira Projects.

In order to do that, follow these steps:

Open the global settings menu

Disable the “Show Golive Page & Panel by default” toggle

Enable the “Golive Page & Panel” for specific projects

Security & Permissions

Golive is shipped with an highly flexible role based permission system to secure read & write accesses to Golive data.

Delegate Golive Setup to non Jira Administrators

As Jira Administrator, you may want to delegate the setup of Golive to non Jira Administrators.

STEP 1 Select Apps > Golive in the Jira top menu

STEP 2 Select Permissions in the View Settings menu

Permissions in the View Settings Menu

STEP 3 Click on Add Role at the bottom of the Global Permissions list of roles

STEP 4 Choose a name for your role, for instance “Golive Administrator”

STEP 5 Add the Apwide Administrator permission in the Permissions picker

STEP 6 Select Jira users or users groups that should be granted with that role

Create a new role and define your Apwide Administrators

DONE These users are now autonomous to setup Apwide Golive! They can start configuring Golive in their Jira Projects and create their first Environment.

Default Permissions on standard groups

On a fresh installation, all Apwide permissions are granted to default Jira groups like “jira-administrators”, “jira-users”, “jira-software-users”,…

Add your existing groups to default Golive Roles

If you are not using the default groups on your Jira instance, you have to add your custom groups to the roles that are automatically created during Golive installation.

Learn how to add a group to an existing roles here: Security & Permissions

The Role Based permission system of Golive is quite complex. Think twice before removing any permissions from the default Golive Roles if your are not sure about impacts.

For example, you should definitely take some time to understand the difference between Global and Environment permissions, before changing anything: Security & Permissions

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