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Environment Details

The Environment Details template empowers navigation between Environments, creating a View that provides quick access to specific details and updates. This template is specially useful for the following scenarios:

This template is specially useful for the following scenarios:

  • Environment Troubleshooting: This template allows IT teams to navigate through detailed records of individual Environments, enabling quick identification of issues and their historical context. This is vital for resolving problems efficiently and restoring services faster.

  • Audit and Reporting: Auditors and managers can use the template to access detailed logs and configurations of each Environment, facilitating reviews and compliance audits. This ensures all changes are documented and standards are met.

  • Performance Optimization: By providing a clear view of specific Environment details and updates, this template helps performance analysts to monitor and analyze the operational data of Environments. This enables the optimization of resources and fine-tuning of systems for better performance.


Template - Environment Details (1).png

Set up the Environment Details Template

To set up the Environment Details template, follow these steps:

  1. Open Golive.

  2. Within Golive, locate and click the View Browser.

  3. From the dropdown menu, select + Create View.

  4. From the options provided, select the Environment Details template.

  5. Give your new View a descriptive name for easy identification.

  6. Search for and add the Environments that you want to monitor using this View.

  7. Click Create to generate the View.

The newly created View based on the Environment Details template will be added to the View Browser.

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