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Released on June 1st, 2022

New Features

  • Create multiple environments with the same application & category and choose a different name for each of your environments Learn more

  • Environment Details Page: a page you can bookmark/share with all information and historical data of an environment. Learn more

  • Customizable Environment Matrix: choose the columns, the rows and the labels to display any environment information in your matrix view. Learn more

Other Improvements

  • improvements of Slack, Teams and e-mail notifications

  • can display "id" of environments in environment lists

  • obfuscate secured attribute values in all notifications

New Environment Details Layout

We have re-organized environment information in a much clearer layout. All environment data are now inline editable.

Rename your Environments

Just click on environment name to change it:

Environment Inline Edition

You can now update information of your environments directly in your environments list, without loosing context. A dream when you have to perform manual updates on multiple environments!

Customizable Environment Matrix

Learn more about Environment Matrix View

Improved Slack Notifications

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