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Release 9.4

Version 9.4 released on September 7th, 2022 Golive Marketplace Listing | Version History

Before upgrading from Golive 8 to Golive 9

Golive 9 contains major changes and improvements, we recommend to validate the upgrade to Golive 9 on a testing environment before going to production. Perform a backup of your database before upgrading your production server. In case you need to rollback the upgrade to Golive 9, restore the database first.


  • Hide empty swimlanes: new option to automatically hide timeline swimlanes when they do not contain any event

  • Deployment UI improvements

    • current deployment details is not displayed in deployment logs anymore to avoid duplication of displayed information

    • You can now browse history of deployment attribute changes in the deployment logs

  • The calendar settings are greyed out for users who do not have admin permission level

  • Environment details dialog can now be closed when clicking outside of it

  • More environments are now pre-loaded and ready to be selected in the environment custom field editor

  • Golive navigation and menu improvements

    • structure is now fixed and do not depend anymore of the current view

    • unauthorized menu item are now hidden (instead of being disabled)

    • "Add Environment" button is now hidden if current user has no permission to create environments

Fixed Bugs

  • Cannot set the environment custom field value by drag and drop on the timeline (Jira 9.+)

  • Unwanted blue frame in date pickers

  • Name and dropdown of the swimlane settings are displayed on top of other dialogs

  • Switch to secured deployment attribute is not instant and needs a refresh

  • History button not displayed after setting the first status change

  • Too much space between the 2 lines of the date in logs when environment details is opened from Issue Page

  • Edit Calendar panel is not properly positioned on Shared Calendars page

Deprecation notice

The legacy Timeline gadgets deprecated since Golive 7 are not supported anymore by Golive 9. They must be migrated to the latest generation of Timeline gadget.

Hide Empty Swimlanes

You can now automatically hide swimlanes which do not have any events in the selected date range. This option really helps to find and keep focus on existing events when browsing the timeline.

This option can be activated in the settings of your swimlanes:

Tick the checkbox to activate the option:

This feature is fully functional. It is in Beta version because its behavior may be changed/improved in next releases.

Deployment UI Improvements

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