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Version 9.2 released on July 18th, 2022 Golive Marketplace Listing | Version History

Before upgrading from Golive 8 to Golive 9

Golive 9 contains major changes and improvements, we recommend to validate the upgrade to Golive 9 on a testing environment before going to production. Perform a backup of your database before upgrading your production server. In case you need to rollback the upgrade to Golive 9, restore the database first.


  • Jira 9 Support

  • Inline edition and drag-and-drop reordering for the following sections:

    • Environment Categories

    • Environment Statuses

    • Environment Attributes

    • Deployment Attributes

Bug fixes

  • Some users not able to create environments for an application linked to a project they are not allowed to view.

  • Unable to scroll on deployment dialog

  • Issues not re-indexed when environment name is updated

Deprecation notice

The deprecated legacy Timeline gadgets are not supported anymore by Golive 9. They must be migrated to the latest generation of Timeline gadget.

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