What are IT Environments?

IT Environments refer to the hardware and software systems that support the different business functions or processes of the organization.

Golive will help you to build a structured inventory of your IT Environments. This is a must-have to successfully manage your IT environments.

What is an Environment in Golive?

In Golive, focus is put on business value and services provided by your various environments, independently of their technological stacks and implementation details. You can manage highly heterogeneous IT environments in a unified way, using a few simple concepts.

Golive Environment Model

An Environment provides all the required resources to run an Application.

Each Golive Environment has a unique name and is defined by the combination of an Application (eCommerce, Payment Service, SAP,...) and a Category (Dev, Test, Demo, Staging, Prod...).

Each Environment has a Status (Up, Down, Slow, Restarting,...), a set of Environment Attributes (database: Postgresql, OS: Windows,...) and an optional application Deployment.

An application Deployment is composed by a Deployed Version/ build number that can be linked to an existing Jira Version and a set of Deployment Attributes (ex: Release Notes, Artifact url,…).

Relationships between environment core concepts

Example of an Environment visualization in Golive

What is an Application?

An application describes the type of service that is hosted by a given environment.
This can either be a business application (ex: eCommerce, Payment Services,SAP,...) or a technical service (ex: Kubernetes, OS,…)

The deployment represent the version of the application that is currently deployed to an environment.

What is a Category?

An environment is composed by an application (ex: eCommerce, SAP, Payment Service, etc.) and an environment category (ex: Dev, Integration, Staging, PreProd, etc.).

A category is an essential and mandatory property to help users identifying an environment everywhere in Golive.

The category may also be referred as the Stage of an Environment.