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Spider Map

Thanks to the Golive Spider Map view, it is easy to grasp and visualize dependencies and tiers of an environment.

Open the Spider Map view

  • open details of an environment

  • click the “Map” button on top right:

The “Map” button will only be visible if current environment has at least 1 dependency or tier

Browse the linked environments

Example of “Spider Map”:

Play with the different options on top right in order to display more or less information.

You can also click on colored squares on top in order to show/hide environments of given applications.

Rounded nodes represent environments. Click a node or a link in order to display its details.

The biggest node represents the current environment, you can change the current environment by double clicking a node. The graph will be automatically re-arranged and centered around the new “current” environment.

You can drag nodes, zoom in / out or move the whole graph in order improve the desired visualization.

Quick Demo

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