After a successful Installation, you can access Golive from the project left sidebar:

You will find several example Environments created by default during installation. You can now create your own Environments following the next steps.

If you don’t see Golive in the sidebar, enable it in Project Settings/Golive menu

Step 1: Setup the Applications of your Project

A Jira Software Project is usually dedicated to a set of Applications (ex: eCommerce, Payment Service, ERP…). In order to configure the list of Applications of your Project, open the Golive Project Settings from the Settings menu

Disable the “All Applications” toggle and click on “Add Applications” button.

Select Applications from the list or define new Applications with the “New Application” button.

Your new Applications only require a Name, other fields can be updated at a later stage.

Once you have created/selected all Applications for your Jira Project, click on the “Done” button.

Back on your Golive Project Settings, click on the “Save” button and then on “Back to Golive Page” button.

More information about Applications are available here: Manage Applications

Mapping Applications to Projects can also be done in bulk by Jira Administrators: Global Settings

Step 2: Setup your Categories

Open the Environment Categories from the Settings menu:

Ensure that all your Environment Categories are defined, add the missing ones if needed.

More information about Environment Categories are available here: Environment Categories

Step 3: Setup your Environments

Back on your Golive Project Page, create the missing Environments using the “Add Environment” button:

Until you get all your Environments created:

More information about Environments are available here: Manage Environments