Why Environment Attributes?

Environment attributes allows you to store and share information that is specific to your context.

They may be compared with Jira Issue Custom Fields that are used to store custom information of Jira Issues.

Manage Environment Attributes

Access the Attributes page from the Settings menu:

You need to have Manage Attributes global permission in order to perform operations on attributes. Learn more about Security & Permissions

Set Default Environment Attributes VERSION 9.1.+

Standardize the structure of your environments by defining a set of default attributes that will be automatically added to newly created environments:

Default attributs setup

Default attributes can be set when creating a new Environment

Setup a new Environment Attribute

Click on “Add Attribute” button:

Click on the Add Attribute button to create a new attribute:

Create as many attributes as you need to document the configuration of your Environments. Think about what information is useful for your Jira users. If you have many attributes, use the "Filter displayed attributes..." search box to find them quickly.

Secured Attributes

With the "Secured" option activated, you can restrict visibility of sensitive attributes. Only users with the View Secured Attributes or Edit Secured Attributes permissions will be able to see/update these attributes.

More information: Security & Permissions

Secured attributes are useful in order to store URLs to access to admin console, e-mail address of the Environment owner, information about dataset and environment setup, etc.