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An application represents a software service hosted within a specific environment. This service can be categorized as:

  • Business Application: These support various business functions, such as eCommerce platforms, payment processing systems, or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software like SAP.

  • Technical Service: These provide technical functionalities to support other applications. Examples include container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes or operating systems (OS) themselves.

Relationships and Structure

  • Dependencies: Applications can rely on other applications to function properly. These dependencies create connections between them within the environment.

  • Tiers: Complex applications are often structured with multiple tiers, each performing specific tasks.


Refers to the specific version of an application currently running in a particular environment. This ensures everyone is working with the same version and facilitates tracking changes.

Below is a visual representation illustrating the connections between the concepts covered in this article:

Environment Model - Concepts Connections (1).png

Apwide Golive Core Concepts

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