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Released on August 25th, 2022


  • Clone an existing environment

  • Access manage applications screen from project pages

  • Email notifications layout and content improvements

  • Jira date formats are now automatically configured

  • Improvements of the last deployments and status changes logs

  • Increase the number of swimlanes that can be displayed on a single timeline

  • Click the deployed version name to browse its linked Jira Release page

Fixed Bugs

  • Error while updating project settings from global settings for users who are not Jira/Project Administrator

  • Spinner missing while saving an application

  • Deployment attributes not loaded in application setup page

  • Dropdown may be displayed over other component

  • Blue frame around the input is broken when creating a new deployed version

  • Bad layout of deployed version notification e-mails

  • Icon is overlapping the input placeholder text

  • Unsaved views are discarded when a page is reloaded

  • MS Teams New Deployment Template shows tags

  • Wrong MS Teams incoming webhook link in automation help

  • Remove grey border around the Timeline

  • Secured Deployment Attributes do not render correctly

  • Missing user resolution in save view dialog

  • Slack notification fails because of double quotes in content

  • Blinking effect when updating a deployment attribute

  • Number of collapsed swimlanes should be rendered as badges in nesting swimlanes

  • Not all error messages displayed when failing to inline edit a field

  • Should not redirect user to its profile page if it does not exist anymore in Jira

  • Version events are not shown when using an "Environment" swimlane configuration grouped by Application

  • Error raised when enabling "only versions mapped to an Application" option in version calendar settings

Clone an environment

Save time to create environments by cloning environment with similar attributes.

Clone an environment from its details page or panel

Clone an environment from the Environment List view

Improved Deployment and Status Changes Logs

You are not limited anymore to the last 4 or 5 deployments / status changes: scroll down if you need to view older changes:

Deployment Logs Improvements

Status Changes Improvements

Direct access to “Applications” page from Project Page

You are not forced anymore to go to the “Project Settings” page to manage your applications from a Project Page.

Access the page to manage applications from any project page

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