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Released on November 23rd, 2023 | Golive Marketplace Listing | Version History

New Features

Last Deployed Issues View

Your new "Last Deployed Issues" view displays the deployments of your Jira issues on a selection of Environments. No more communication inefficiencies as everyone will be on the same page.

Get started now by creating a new view using the new template:

Rest API to Capture Environment and Release Information

We've expanded our Rest API with two new endpoints:

  • /environment/information: Update Golive each time you deploy, without having to configure your environments before: this endpoint automatically creates the relevant environments, applications and/or categories in case they are new!

  • /application/release: Connect your CI using this new endpoint. During your release build, a new Jira version is automatically created with all the released Jira tickets. Your release scope is defined by listing the tickets or using a JQL query.

Azure DevOps Integration

Your build chain is hosted on Azure DevOps. You can now easily gather information about your environments, deployments, or releases with the new Golive Azure DevOps extension. More information is available in the extension documentation.

New Environment Matrix Display Options

Which pipeline/job/build has been deployed on your environments?
These new options display the build number of a deployment in the environment matrix.


  • Performance: Deployment logs loading improved

Bug Fixes

  • Last Deployments: Strange permission error at environment level when trying to deploy

  • Xray Integration: suffix displayed many times in the Calendar Environments field

  • Xray Integration: not able to schedule Xray event by drag and drop

  • Environments Gadget: Environment List Gadget was partially editable

  • Automation: Special chars not encoded properly in Slack notifications

  • Rich Text Editor: Strange behavior where cursor moves to beginning of the text when I start to type text at the end

  • Application: Should not hide version prefix when mapping "All" projects in application settings

  • Deployment Page: Breadcrumb alignment in Issue Deployments details popin

  • Environment Matrix: Environment details does not open when clicking on some fields

  • Project Page: Project filter does not work anymore in project settings page

  • Deployment Logs: Wrong cursor on hover the version in the deployment page

  • Matrix View: Attributes values not displayed as Label Field

  • Timeline Gadget: Incorrect cursor on the Timeline Gadget

  • Timeline: Spinner stopped while swimlanes + events are still not loaded

  • Timeline: Deployment logs in Tag mode taking too much useless vertical space on the timeline

  • Timeline: Calendar spinners not displayed anymore when a calendar is loading

  • Timeline: free text search criteria not anymore applied on events

  • Timeline: Environment filters are not applied anymore on Last Deployments / Last Status Changes views

  • Timeline: Should not reset current date range when update environment filter

  • Timeline: Time navigator is sometimes hidden at bottom of the timeline (should always be visible)

  • Permissions: Jira administrators has not access to Golive permissions page if they are not in "jira-administrator" group

  • Deployment Logs: Disabled horizontal scrollbar in the deployments page

  • Issue Page: Infinite environment details reloading

We appreciate your feedback, and these updates aim to enhance your workflow. Thank you for your continued support.

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