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An Environment provides all the required resources to run an Application.

Each Golive Environment has a unique name and is defined by the combination of an Application (eCommerce, Payment Service, SAP,...) and a Category (Dev, Test, Demo, Staging, Prod...).

Each Environment may be composed of:

  • a Status (Up, Down, Slow, Restarting,...)

  • a set of Environment Attributes (database: Postgresql, OS: Windows,...)

  • a set of Dependencies on other environments

  • a set of Tiers

  • a Deployment of a version of the application

A Deployment is composed of:

  • a Deployed Version/ build number that can be linked to an existing Jira Version

  • a set of deployed Jira Issues

  • a set of Deployment Attributes (ex: Release Notes, Artifact url,…)

Relationships between environment core concepts

Example of an Environment visualization in Golive

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